The old story goes that I started SICKNESS or the project that would become SICKNESS after having no way to successfully express myself in the punk and hardcore bands back in 1986 to 1988. Like a lot of small town bands my friends were lazy, and unmotivated with lots of big ideas, but no real action involved. It was always "if...", "when...", "we should...." I wanted to start doing. They all had ideas of what they wanted to do based on other artists while I wanted to express something new as well. I wanted to do something based on what was going on in my head. So, I started doing vocals and noise, and feedback using a ZOOM multi-effects processor. I built my own tape loop machine, and some pedals (with the help of a good friend) to do what I wanted. I multi- layered my tapes using the old Les Paul method of recording or just did direct live improv sets and as I went along after so many dubs the loops I that I was using turned out muddy and noisy. This layered with screams, grunts, groans, vocals, whispers, etc. and a lot of delay was how SICKNESS started out. I had no idea about any other noise artists at the time, and was introduced to “harsh noise” by friends.  Amazed at the variety of other peoples work I looked at the other artists tried to do what they did, failed miserably, and started over. I started recording my own tapes, and quit the bands I was in to work on this project full time which then slowed to on and off for a number of years. I started a few other projects but SICKNESS was my favorite and what remains today. It gives me the greatest freedom to do what I want. I started basing my releases around disease, filth, rot, decay, and the human condition (including my own condition) to give it added direction and interest. As my interests broadened so did my subject matter and my sound.  Like most people the early tapes were terrible, without direction, and experiments (often failed) in what I wanted and my take on what other people did. I, like many others, got the best results following what I wanted to do, and the slow painful process of personal evolution. Now you have this. SICKNESS has toured extensively in the US, Japan and Europe bringing my own brand of harsh electronic purity and scumbag electronics to the world.

OMEI was a projected created in 1999-2000 that started to cover the more ambient, slow build material that I felt didn’t fit into the “SICKNESS sound”. The two projects were very separate in the beginning but now they can easily be combined, collab’d, etc. OMEI has no set form using elements of sound that fit the ideas I want to work with.

To sum up the differences - SICKNESS is a hundred thoughts in one second, and OMEI is one thought for 10 years (it used to be 100). Both require active listening. Either shouldn’t be something you can put on and walk away from. The listener is often a required element to make the intent of the recording complete.

If you have interest in getting in touch with me for projects, shows (local and international), releases, artwork, soundtracks, etc. please email me at:

ninthcirclemusic (at) gmail (dot) com with a the subject covering your interest.

Thank you

“Scumbag Electronics”/Harsh Electronic Purity