Live review and video of Neon Marshmallow Performance:

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New live dates added. Gods of Tundra LP is out  but sold out from me. Please check Self Abuse Records for copies. The SICKNESS/John Wiese collab is out and I have copies available. Mikko said some really gret things about it so check it out. New CD has been recorded but I am going back through and looking at the material. I might sit on this one for quite some time. I think this might be the first release that is only available here. Links have been added below for youtube, twitter, and the new soundcloud (that has a lot of files in it - suprisingly).


First off, the catalog is back up. I don’t know what happened. I think when we moved the site to a new server an older version without the catalog was brought back. I don’t really know. But it is back up and working. It replaces the UPCOMING section that is now obsolete as most of that info is covered here.

The Gods of Tundra One sided LP “Fragmented Memory” is at the pressing plant and will hopefully be out soon. Its a recording of one of the live shows from November with special guest Mike Shiflet (who collabs with me for the drone - and truth be told makes it the amazing intro it is). I will update the catalog when I get the copies.

The long delayed collab between myself and John Wiese has found a label and is also at the plant. Details on this will be released when the 7” is actually out.

There is a new OMEI CD that is done called “Be it in Fire or Darkness” that has found a label. I have finished the artwork and hopefully this will be going to the pressing plant soon. One loop and two longer tracks created from field recordings and modular synth work.

I am continuing to work on new material that will be self released or put out “to bid”.(which just means asking those who follow me on mailing lists or twitter if there is interest). I am also working on a donation download album to raise money for a overseas tour, and also one whose proceeds will be donated to the victims of the Japan earthquake.

Lastly, there are upates to the live section: a local show and the Neon Marshmallow Festival in Chicago.

Most releases from this point on will be on Ninth Circle Music. You can get additional information here, or any of the other outlets (see below).

There is also a twitter account under ruiner999 for even more updates and thoughts.

Youtube performances and favorites can be found under my channel:


For more information you can join the SICKNESS999 Yahoo Group.

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